The Under 100 Wall

Under 100 wall9

Did you know…Under 100 wall8


…that we have an entire wall space…Under 100 wall7…currently dedicated…

Under 100 wall5

…to dresses under $100?Under 100 wall4

No, really. These are just a few of the residents of the Under 100 Wall, ranging anywhere from $49 to $99 for wedding gowns from bridal size 4 through 18.Under 100 wall3

While there just a few ‘sold as is’ (broken zipper, etc), almost all of these dresses are in pristine condition, they’ve merely been floating around the store longer than we’d prefer.Under 100 wall2

So, of course, this means that you get a deal! Make sure to stop in and take a look through the 50+ dresses on our Under 100 Wall.Under 100 wall