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You may be surprised at how much you can save on your wedding budget and still walk down the aisle in a designer gown that is a perfect fit for you.

Gown and Glove has been a dream since 2005 when Sue & Dave and were helping their twin daughters plan (and pay!) for their weddings which were 10 weeks apart.  They were looking for ways to cut costs, but purchasing a gently used wedding gown was the farthest thing from their mind. During a shopping trip they walked into a bridal shop and began to look around. The owner greeted them and said “These gowns are here on consignment.  Some are new and others are used. ‘ Their first thought was “Oh, we are not going to find anything here,” but as we began to look they discovered  beautiful designer gowns that looked brand new and were a fraction of the prices they had seen in other salons.  They selected a few for her to try on but all the while she was still a bit hesitant about the idea of purchasing a wedding dress from a consignment shop. Well you may have guessed the end of this story. Stephanie came out of the dressing room wearing the perfect dress.  She looked beautiful.  All hesitation vanished and they walked out the door carrying a designer gown purchased for half the retail price.

Now as life changes and most of the time its know to do….. weddings have passed and children arrive and Now Stephanie & Sue have passed this beautiful store into the hands of the new owner Anna who plans on keeping their dreams for this little boutique alive and providing local brides the same experience.

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