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Consignment Policy

How to Consign

We take items 6 days a week during business hours at G&G without an appointment.

We ask that Items that are brought in are clean, items not cleaned may not be taken.

We take items that are in style or are classic in style, we keep items for 6 months to ensure we have the current latest styles in stock.

Contract for Consignment
We are very happy to have you consign with Gown & Glove. Thank you. We will do our best to provide you with an excellent store in which to shop and consign. It is very important to sort your items well. Item defects are sometimes found at a later date during tagging or after they are on the racks, these items will be donated with no notice given.
1. Gown & Glove Bridal Consignment will determine the items to be accepted for resale in our store. The items we accept are driven by what sells and customer preferences as well as seasonality. Our top priority is to keep our customers and consignors happy. Before consigning your items, be sure that if any item is expensive and/or you require a minimum amount from it that you tell the store clerk. We keep our prices very reasonable so be sure that you want to part with the item before consigning it. We price your items approximately 1/2 of retail but subject to change depending on item condition, & style. We look retail prices up on the internet and factor in the condition of the item.

2. The consignment split is 55/45 of the selling price less a .99 cent per item fee paid by the purchaser. We pay 45% commission on all items. We accept only CLEAN, CUTE and CURRENT items with no stains, rips, musty or smoke smell. WE TAKE CONSIGNMENT ITEMS ANY TIME WE ARE OPEN. They must be in good selling condition and within the last few years of purchase. If any items are found to have defects (holes, stains etc.) after first inspection, we reserve the right to donate them to charity.

3. G&G will set the prices but we appreciate input from you on special or expensive items. We reserve the right to markdown or put items on sale at any time. The consignment period is 6 months from drop off. Any unsold items after te 6th month mark become the property of G &G and may be donated to charity. We support and donate to these local non-profit charities. !

4. Payments to you in cash or check are available after request on the 1st day of the following month or in-store credit isĀ available anytime there is money on your account. It is your responsibility to collect any money owing from your account. After one year from clothes drop off date any money uncollected becomes the property of Gown & Glove and may be donated to charity.

**Every attempt will be made to sell consigned items at a fair and competitive price that will benefit you as a consigner and as a customer.