This year brought us a very hot summer, and we’re not quite done with it, yet. Add to that the fact that wedding dresses, particularly the high quality gowns, are really, really heavy, and you end up with a lot of miserably overheated brides.
So you’ve got an outdoor, summer wedding, it’s supposed to be bright and gorgeous out, a perfect setting for a picturesque ceremony, but you don’t want to broil. Enter the tea length dress!


Ranging from knee-length to mid-calf, the tea length dress has a lot of potential, is easier to keep clean than a long train, and is certainly cooler.

Going for a bit of a fifties look? Pair a mid-calf tea length with a bird cage veil or a pill box hat.

Looking for something a little less formal? These still say “wedding” without having to scream it, and they’re generally a bit more on the conservative side for price.

The tea length is not widely accepted as traditional these days, but don’t let that deter you from giving it a try, you may just find they fit that offbeat quirk you need.


And hey, we have them, white, ivory, even blush! Our stock is moderate, but we’ve got a range of lengths and a smattering of styles in store.