You read right, we’re having a huge sale! It’s time to clear things up a bit in here so we can start the summer with a fresh feel, here at Gown and Glove.

Of course, that means fantastic deals for you!
We are marking down EVERYTHING in the store. No, I’m not just pulling your leg, I really mean everything!

Formals will start as low as $9.99
Wedding gowns are dropping as low as $49
Certain pairs of shoes are going down to $4.99
Select crinolines are being marked to $19.99
Long line strapless bras will start at $9.99

…and so on. Don’t forget, we also have silk bouquets, garters, ring bearer pillows, champagne flutes, table centers, chargers, baskets, jewelry, bridal emergency kits… the list goes on!

Bottom line, you’ll want to make sure to stop in during the three days we’re hosting this sale, so mark your calendar now!
Thursday, June 5th, 11am to 8pm
Friday, June 6th, 11am to 6pm
Saturday, June 7th, 11am to 6pm

We’ll see you then!


Kath Blog 2014-05-16


A year, we’ve decided, is long enough.

Welcome to the under-construction Gown and Glove website! I’m working diligently to try to make sure everything is updated; the addons, how the addons work with our site, the stock, photographs, blogs… there’s so much to do!

All of us here at the store are extremely excited for what this site means for us, though, and what we’re hoping to do with it. I’ll be making more announcements over the next few months, as more and more changes go through, from new stock (yes, wedding gowns, but also formal dresses, shoes, jewelry, decorations, ring bearer pillows… we’ve got a little bit of everything!) to an expanded gallery, hopefully of our customers, like you, in our dresses! We want to see your happy day, your school dance, your table settings and centerpieces.

So keep an eye on the site over the summer, it’s sure to be exciting! As always, we’d love to hear your input, let us know what you’re thinking, on the website, on ideas, on dresses, on what you want to see on our blog, on events, on shoes… (Have I mentioned shoes? I’d LOVE to talk to you about shoes!) …we’re listening.